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Katwa College is a premier educational institution which came into existence on 16 August, 1948. To Satisfy the expectation of the Higher Education of West Bengal as well as UGC with an emphasis on four Es':







This institution is dedicated to fulfill the mission of empowering the mass by providing quality education to students from society & economically weaker sections and first generation learners. The motto of the college is to provide learning and strive for academic excellence. 


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Merit Point Calculation Method for Admission. Notice - 9 11/06/2019
Intake Capacity, Notice - 8 11/06/2019
Flow chart for Admission, Notice - 7 11/06/2019
Admission Fees, Notice - 6 11/06/2019
Admission online schedule Notice 5 24/05/2019

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Quotations for Identity Card 19/06/2019
Quotations for UPS 17/05/2019
Quotations for Fridge, Prospectus, I-Card 30/04/2019
Date Extent of Earlier Two Quotations 30/04/2019
Quotations for Physiology Equipments 17/04/2019

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