Research, Innovations and Extension :

  • The College has a research to facilitates research activities.
  • The College publishes a double blind peer reviewed international research journal named ‘International Journal of Research on Social and Natural Sciences’  and has a separate web address assigned to it, . The College also publishes a multilingual academic journal named ‘String’.christian louboutin outlet
  • Teachers regularly carry on research and publish articles, present papers in seminars conferences etc.
  • During the last four years Six (06) Faculties have completed their Ph.D. work.
  • A few of the Faculties act as co-guides supervising doctoral work.
  • Quite a few of the Faculties hold life memberships of different academic associations/organizations/bodies.
  • IQAC has conducted numerous seminars on various subjects.  Student seminars are organised too from time to time.
  • From time to time they are assigned project works related to their curricula.
  • Books from the library are readily available to both students and teachers for carrying out any research.
  • Since the College is not a research centre no budgetary allocations can be made for research.
  • The College is not involved in any kind of consultancy either. 

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