Sports Activity

Sports Activities

  • The College has a separate sports ground for Annual Sports. Prize and certificates are presented to all students acquiring the first three positions in each item.
  • There is a sports ground adjacent to the Boys’ Hostel which serve the boarders of the hostel. Another sports ground inside the quarter campus is used by the dwellers.
  • Indoor games are held throughout the year. Competitions for the students are arranged in Carom, Table Tennis and Chess.
  • The College has sent a proposal of Rs. 1900000/- Sports dept of WB govt. to build an indoor sports complex.
  • A multigym was opened in the session 2016-2017 with the financial help from the Youth Welfare Department of the Government of West Bengal. The multigym was inaugurated by two former national footballers. This gymnasium is patronized by the Government Nominee of the Governing Body of Katwa College and is used by the students and the faculty.
  • There is a separate sports and games office cum store room inside the campus. Stock register is regularly maintained by the Sports-in-Charge regarding the various sports equipments.
  • Students are provided with sports equipments for regular practice.
  • Students are occasionally provided coaching for different games.
  • Students participate in Inter-class competition, competition at College level, University level & State level in football, cricket, volleyball, and kabaddi.
  • The girls’ team became runners up in the Inter-Collegiate Championship in Kabaddi in the session 2015-2016.
  • Two female students participated in Yoga competition at state and national level in the session 2015-2016 & 2016-2017.
  • Friendly matches are organised between teachers and students in cricket/football every year. fake uhren

​Annual Sports: 2019 

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