The Principal is the academic and administrative head of the College and works for the growth of the same. He implements polices formulated by the Governing Body of the College for betterment of the institution. He acts as a liaison between the Governing Body and all the stakeholders of the College.

The duties of the Principal may be classified into three categories –

  1. Academic
  2. Administrative
  3. Financial

i) Academic duties

1. The Principal is guided by the rules and regulations set up by the affiliating university, UGC, NCTE and Higher Education department of West Bengal government on academic matters.

2. He is assisted by the IQAC and the Teachers’ Council and all the faculty members regarding admission of students and smooth running of classes throughout the year, internal and university examinations.

3. He should take all academic decisions by taking the Governing Body, IQAC and Teachers’ Council in to confidence.

4. He should try to ensure quality assurance with the assistance of the IQAC Coordinator.

5. He should monitor the academic progress of the students and hold periodic meetings with the faculty for betterment of the same.

6. He should ensure perfect order and discipline among all the staff and students and help in building a serene academic environment in the campus. 

ii) Administrative Duties

  1. As secretary of the Governing Body he should convene regular meetings of GB and help the body in formulating policies for the College.
  2. He should make proposal of appointment to all posts of cadres including full-time, part-time, ad hoc and daily wage employees.
  3. He should arrange performance appraisal and CAS for teaching and supporting staff.
  4. He should contribute to the maintenance of an environment friendly campus.
  5. Being the chair-person of the various committees he should coordinate the functions of these committees for their successful functioning.

iii) Financial Duties

  1. Principal is assisted by the Finance Committee in his financial duties. 
  2. He should prepare a budget for each financial year and incur expenditure within the stipulated limits as approved by the Governing Body.
  3. He may incur contingent expenditure as per norms of the Governing Body.
  4. Being the drawing and disbursing officer he should oversee the preparation of monthly salary bills of the staff and the disbursement of salary.
  5. He should sanction the purchase of stationary, library books periodicals, equipments and consumables for laboratories and sanction funding of seminars and workshops etc. for the growth of the College.


Teaching is a profession that deals with live human beings and hence it should involve sensitivity towards the academic, social, psychological and financial needs of the students.

Following are the codes that the teaching faculty of the College should stick to –

  1. The teachers should have a calm, patient, communicating and amiable disposition towards the students and other stakeholders of the College.
  2. They should take allotted classes regularly and conduct practical classes, tutorials and seminars with students.
  3. They should try to instill a scientific attitude towards learning among the students, respect for physical labour and the ideals of peace, democracy and patriotism keeping in mind communal harmony and civic responsibilities towards the country.
  4. They should try to recognize the different capabilities of the students and help them in academic matters according to their aptitude. 
  5. They should participate in extension, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and also encourage the students towards the same.
  6. They should deal with all students impartially irrespective of their class, caste, religion, political, economic, social and physical characteristics. They should meet students outside the class too for their different kinds of needs.
  7. They should actively participate in all academic and administrative activities of the College and assist the Principal in smooth running of the College.
  8. They should maintain membership of professional organizations for their own improvement and pursue research work for professional growth.



The Support Staff are an intrinsic part of the College and their participation is imperative for the smooth running of the College.

They should perform the following duties –

  1. They should complete their allotted duties within the stipulated time.
  2. They should actively participate and assist the Principal and the teaching faculty in the various processes like admission, conduction of examination, organization of Students’ Union election etc.
  3. They should help students according to their requirements.

They should help in maintaining a clean and environment friendly campus.