Our college has introduced IT-facilities in different fields including free Wi-Fi facilities. A brief sketch is given below.

Net _ Bandwidth

1. Administrative Section:

  • College has introduced on-line admission process.

  • College has introduced on-line fess submission facilities.

  • College has introduced on-line registration facilities for students.

  • College has introduced on-line form-fill up for university examinations.

  • College has installed e-mudra for online for Tender.

  • College has its own website ( ) for assimilating all information regarding the college.

  • Feedback/ Stack Register/ Alumni Register/ Account.

2.  Academic Section:–

  • Our college has a special e-corner for teachers, where separated computer has been allotted for different departments with internet facilities and a printer.

  • All of our science laboratories are equipped with internet enabled desktops and laptops. Which are also used by our students.

  • Mathematics department has separate computer laboratory with 8 computers for students.

  • Most of the departments of our college make power point presentation as and when required and make arrangement for showing relevant academic you-tube videos.

  • Department of English has introduced showing text-related films/plays.

  • Physics and Chemistry department encourage students to view and use virtual laboratories.

  • Our teachers trying to adopt e-technique of class teaching, besides the traditional methods.

  • Department of Physics, Botany and Zoology have smart boards. Teachers any, however, trying their best to use the smart board regularly.

  • College has one ICT enabled class room with a shot throw projector suitable for day light condition. The ICT room has been functioning w.e.f. 10/08/17. Seminars/symposia are arranged her.

  • Teachers often use social media for various academic purposes.

  • College is trying to introduce on-line examination system for few selected papers.3. 

3. Library

  • Our college has completely digitized library and the library software KOHA has been installed for in house use of the library.

  • College is the user of NLIST-program.

4. Wi-Fi Facility

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  • Free Wi-Fi facility is available in selected corners of our college. Attempts are being made to make the facility available from every corner of the college. For this purpose college has made a contract with a leading service provider.

5. CC TV