Social and Cultural Activities

  • The College sees huge gatherings during different occasions like Nabinbaran (Freshers’ welcome), College Social, Saraswati Puja, Nabi Diwas etc. These functions are successfully concluded with the active participation of teaching & non-teaching staff & students alike.
  • The College holds Annual Sports, Cultural Competition, student-teacher friendly match, science quiz contest etc. with dynamic help of the same.
  • The Students’ Union works in full cooperation with the College Management in conducting all these events.
  • The Institution encourages the learners to participate in cultural activities. Competitions are arranged annually in music, dance, recitation etc.
  • The Students’ Union organizes Freshers’ Welcome, Social and Teachers’ Day where the cultural activities of the students are on display.
  • The NSS units of the College hold cultural functions in the adopted villages with the volunteers and the community people.