• Specific Committees have been formed for maintaining and utilizing physical academic and support facilities. Requirements for purchase are looked after by the Purchase Committee and then they are finally approved by the Finance Committee.
    • The Library Committee, Sports Committee and Building Committee supervise work related to library, sports complex and classrooms. The maintenance of computers is taken care of by the ICT Committee. The laboratory conditions and their upgradation are taken care of by the respective departments they belong to.



Internal Complaints Committee


Grivance Redressal Cell


(1) Dr. Namita Chowdhury (Presiding Officer)

(2) Siuli Mandi

(3) Priyanka Roy

(4) Prasanta Kumar Das (NTS Member)

(5) Ramprasad Majhi (NTS Member)

(6) Paromita Banerjee (Lawyer Member)

(7) Soura Subhra Pandit (Student Member)

(8) Tanuja Mukherjee (Student Member)

(9) Bibhas Ghosh (Student Member)


1. Dr. Dinesh Maity (Convener)

2. Md. Sariful Islam

3. Siuli Mandi

4. Subhasree Sana

5. Dr. Arkapratim Changdar

6. Dr. Shampa Dutta

7. Rakhi Dutta

8. Saikat Mallick

9. Monalisa Das Majhi (NTS Member)