Green Garden


  1. Objectives:

  • For conserving the valuable medicinal and aromatic plants a garden has been established which will act as a germplasm stock for the local people.
  • To make people conscious about the importance of these medicinal and aromatic plants in the context of national as well as global market.
  1. Ex-SITU
  • A medicinal plant garden (Charak Uddyan) of 60”×30”area has been established by tilling, mannuring and through watering.
  • Different medicinal and aromatic plants of high value replique montre france and demand in the present global as well as local market are collected from different sources and planted in the Charak Uddyan.
  • Seeds or propagules of selected medicinal and aromatic plants which are being used in different herbal formulation and have a high market value were also collected from different sources.
  • Plants were cultivated for their propagation anime cosplay kostüme and maintenance.

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